Welcome to the Bexar County
Online Credit Card Payment Service

Here you will be able to locate your Justice of the Peace Case information. Once your case has been located you will have the ability to pay the balance due with a credit card or return to this screen to seach again without making a payment. To use this online service you must first be able to confirm your identity. To do so you will need ONE of the following pieces of identifying information:

Your Drivers License number, or your Bexar County Case Number, or your Bexar County Citation Number. If you do not have one of these identification forms you may call or visit the appropriate Justice of the Peace Office. The addresses and telephone numbers of the Justice of the Peace Offices are located at the bottom of this page for your convenience.

To locate your Bexar County Case information, please enter the first three (3) letters of your Last Name:

- AND -
ONE of the following forms of identification:

DRIVERS LICENSE NUMBER - Best results are obtained using DL#

 Case Number                                                                     Citation Number

Drivers License Number - i.e. 12345678 up to 15 digits
Case Number - i.e. 60-A-09-12345-016
Citation Number - i.e. 06-123456 up to 15 digits


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